1. Are OOFY Shoes comfortable to wear?

Definitely! Your foot will be on a slight angle of 15° that you may not be used to; however, we've used the finest European imported polyether material to increase your height. This polyether is light, breathable, and flexible. Trust us, the only difference you’ll notice between your new height increasing shoe and your regular shoes is all the positive attention you’ll receive in your OOFY Shoes.

  1. How long will my OOFY shoe last?

We’ve constructed our shoes to be of the highest quality. As with all well-made shoes, the shoe will last you at least a year, assuming you’re wearing it on a regular basis and walking in them frequently. If you wear the shoe less frequently, expect a long lifespan. You’ll find the height increase on the inside of the shoe will last just as long as well, since we only use the highest quality polyurethane shoe lifts. To extend the life of your shoe, we recommend using a high quality leather conditioner and polish regularly.

  1. Do elevator shoes look strange?
Absolutely not. Our shoes are cleverly constructed so people won’t even notice you’re wearing height increasing shoes. Our shoes have a typical heel of 2-3cm, with all the extra height hidden inside the shoe. Not to mention, OOFY shoes are expertly designed for the style conscious man, using the finest leathers. Nobody will think twice about questioning your new stylish shoes.

  1. Are elevator shoes a gimmick?
Not at all. Our height increasing shoes have helped many men feel more confident by increasing their height. If you’re a man looking for a height increase, there’s absolutely no gimmick here, just a height increase.
  1. Besides height increasing shoes, how can I appear taller?
We of course always recommend our elevator shoes as the first line of defense in appearing taller. We also recommend fitted, darker clothing with vertical stripes. Dressing in this manner will slim you out and make you appear taller. Also be sure not to slouch! A straight posture can add up to two inches in height.




  1. How do I choose my size?
If you’re unsure of your size, we suggest having someone measure your foot. Please see our size guide for more details
  1. The shoes I ordered are a little tight? Will they stretch?
Yes, all our shoes will stretch and soften after a few weeks of wear. The shoes should feel snug in the beginning, but not uncomfortably tight. If you’re having problems, try wearing thinner socks. If you still find the shoes too tight, just contact us and we'll help you organize an exchange for a larger size.
  1. The shoes I ordered are a little big. What options do I have?
We suggest trying on a pair of thicker socks to fill out the space. You'd be surprised how much difference a pair of socks can make. If you'd prefer to exchange them for a smaller size, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.
  1. What if I don’t like OOFY’s elevator shoes?
While we hope this doesn’t happen, it is our goal to ensure you have the best experience with OOFY Shoes. If you find your shoes unsuitable, we can offer an exchange or refund. Please see our return policy for more details. To begin the return/exchange process, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.



  1. How long will it take for my purchase to be delivered?
When you place an order with, you are emailed a confirmation of your order. We try our best to ship orders within two business days of receiving payment.
As a general rule of the thumb, most shipments to the USA and Canada should take about 3-10 business days. Most international shipments should take about 5-15 business days.
  1. Do you offer local pickup?
Yes, we do offer local pickup in our warehouse. Our warehouse location is in Toronto, Canada. Please contact us to arrange for pickup.




  1. What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept payments through VISA, MASTERCARD, AmericanExpress and PayPal.
  1. Is it safe to use credit card information to make a purchase?
Absolutely. We use the most advanced online ordering security system available, so you never have to worry when placing an order with OOFY. Once you have checked out from the shopping cart, you will be automatically directed towards a secured server. Here you can enter your credit card information which is encrypted by SSL (Secured Socket Layers).
  1. Why are your elevator shoes so expensive?
If you find our elevator shoes to be expensive, it is possible your past shoe purchases have been of a lower quality standard. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality shoe at the most affordable price.