Height Benefits

We’re sure you’ve noticed this in your everyday life, but there are a lot of perks to being a taller man. Don’t you agree? We see it time and time again: men of a taller stature receive all these benefits while shorter men are left with no solutions for increasing their height.
While there’s no permanent way to increase height, you can easily wear OOFY’s height increasing shoe and automatically start receiving all the perks of being taller.
What are these perks, you might ask? We’re sure you’ve noticed them yourself, but there are three primary reasons we think you’ll benefit from a height increase. These three benefits are: attraction, authority, and confidence.
Let’s quickly discuss each.
  • 1) Attraction
  • Attraction
  • You can definitely be attractive and be of a shorter stature; however, we have noticed (and we’re sure you’ve noticed, too), taller men just seem to get more attention from women. Whether it’s something innate or something that society has taught us, taller men quite simply seem to be favoured. We know you have a great personality and we’re sure you’re just as attractive as those taller men, so it’s about time we do something about your height. What do you say?
    2) Authority
    There’s no denying a taller man tends to be more intimidating than a shorter one. That tall presence just makes a bigger impact! If you’re in a position of authority, chances are a height increase could really benefit your career. This is especially true if you’re a CEO, police officer, security guard, or perhaps you’re just looking to move up in your career. Whatever the case, you deserve the respect, and we know a height increase will be able to do that for you.
    3) Confidence
    And probably most importantly, an increase in height can really boost your confidence and benefit all aspects of your life. Trust us, once you start wearing OOFY height increasing shoes, you’re going to notice your confidence skyrocket. No longer will you have to feel like the short one when standing in line, while dancing with a woman, or during office talk at the water cooler. You won’t take this height increase for granted, that’s for sure.
    Having said all this, we want to emphasize that of course your height is not a direct reflection of who you are as a person. You can easily be an amazing, down-to-earth guy of a shorter stature (we’re sure you are!), but we’re confident that once you try increasing your height with OOFY shoes, you’re going to see all the benefits listed above. And then, you’re never going to want to go back.
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