How To Look Taller On Your Wedding Day

So you’ve made the leap, you’re getting married. Congrats! Are you having any anxieties about the big day? Perhaps you’re worried about looking short next to your bride? Don’t worry, it happens to many men, but there are simple solutions to help make you look taller on your wedding day. Try out some of these clever hacks, and we guarantee you’ll be standing at the front of the aisle tall and proud.

1) Wear A Fitted Suit

There’s nothing that will prevent you from looking taller than a suit that hangs loosely off your body. The loose fit of the suit will trick the eye into stretching you horizontally instead of vertically, which is the exact opposite effect you want when trying to gain some height. So, in order to look taller, you need to ensure your suit is fitted properly, which usually means having the suit professionally tailored to your specifications. Trust us, you won’t regret spending that extra money when you’re not tripping over your pants in front of all your guests.

2) Wear a Matching Belt and Shoes, With No Vest

When choosing what you’ll wear on your wedding day, we suggest finding a belt that is discrete, meaning it blends into the rest of your suit. So, for example, if you’re wearing an all black suit, make sure your belt is also black. If you wear a belt that stands out, visually, this will cut your body in half and make you look shorter. We also suggest making sure your shoes are the same black shade. By making sure everything is monochromatic, it will create one long vertical line, helping to trick the mind into making you look taller. And lastly, we suggest skipping a vest since this will draw unwanted attention to your middle section, preventing the body from appearing as that one long, vertical line that you’re looking for.

3) The Color of Your Suit Matters

While it is best to go with a monochromatic look, as mentioned above, you’ll want to stay away from an all black look. Trust us, if you wear a suit that is all black with nothing to break it up, you end up looking shorter than you are. We suggest wearing a white dress shirt, or even going with a navy or charcoal colored suit for something a little different.

4) Try Height Increasing Shoes.

And of course we can’t discuss ways to look taller without mentioning our OOFY height increasing shoes. Wearing a pair of OOFY height increasing shoes is the easiest way to instantly increase your height. Just slip on your own pair of OOFY shoes, like our OOFY Grand or the OOFY Alto, and you’ll instantly be raised 7cm (2.75 inches) without anyone even knowing you’re wearing an elevator shoe (our Comfort Insoles are discreetly built right into the shoe). And hey, there’s plenty of style options to choose from, so there’s really no reason not to give OOFY a try. Both you and your bride will be happy you did!

5) Wear No Break Pant Legs and a Shorter Jacket

You definitely don’t want any part of your suit to be too short. However, if you can tailor your pants to have no break and your suit jacket to sit right at the hips, this will be help in your efforts to make you look taller. Basically, by exposing more of the shoe and more of the leg, this will create the illusion of a longer body, thus making you look taller.

6) Opt For a Skinny Tie

Need another method for achieving that long, vertical line? When choosing your tie for your wedding, we suggesting going with a skinny tie. A skinny tie will draw the eyes up and down the body, further assisting in the lengthening process.

7) It’s Time For a Haircut

Didn’t expect that suggestion, now did you? Perhaps not, but the length of your hair really can assist in making you look taller. Why? Because when you keep your hair short, it exposes more of your neck and chin, which further assists in lengthening the body.

8) Button Placement Matters

And lastly, when you’re picking out your suit jacket, we highly recommend ensuring that the button of your jacket sits above your navel. By doing this, it will give the illusion that your legs begin higher up than they really do, which will give you the appearance of longer legs. It’s all about visual tricks when it comes to picking out your suit.

And there you have it: 8 ways to easily increase your height on your wedding day. We sincerely hope incorporating some of these style suggestions help make the day just a little less stress free for you. And remember, for a no fuss and easy way to instantly boost your height, get your own pair of OOFY height increasing shoes today.